"I am so happy to have found Jen and her style of fitness. I am not a person who signs up for exercise classes or enjoys any form of working out, but Jen has created the best fitness routine that encourages me to keep my body and mind healthy. It is a routine that makes me want to show up and put forth effort. Our sessions consist of 30 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of restorative yoga. Basically, I do squats, lift weights and other various strength exercises that make me sweat and help me to keep my body strong. Then, she helps me cool down and slow down with restorative yoga. Jen’s energy and enthusiasm keeps me moving through the strength portion and her peaceful guidance through yoga poses helps me to let go of the work out and anything weighing on my mind. I am able to honestly say I look forward to each and every session. Jen has designed a seamlessly balanced and enjoyable way to stay fit and I am grateful to have the opportunity to benefit from her program."

-Amanda P. (Client since 2018)


"I first met Jen when she began to teach a yoga class I regularly attended. She is high energy and always has a positive attitude. I found out she was teaching a six week strength class, half hour strength and half hour yin yoga. I wanted something more, so I took the class. I went in knowing I had a shoulder injury but I had nothing to loose, since it was only six weeks. We worked hard the first half hour and released the work out the second half hour. The word “can't” is not in Jen's vocabulary. She will find an alternative way to help you gain strength without injuring yourself. I continue to work with Jen. She makes it fun and her enthusiasm rubs off on you. My shoulders are getting stronger with every session. She knows my potential and pushes me to keep getting stronger. I couldn't ask for a better coach, one who works you hard, provides a release with yin yoga and has a passion to get you where you need to be."

-Christine P. (Client since 2018)

"My girls love working out with Miss Jen! She is inspiring and makes cross fit training fun for the kids. They look forward to every session with her!"

-Christine O. (Summer Kids Camp 2018)


"Jennifer was amazing! She brings calm and strength to each session! My daughter loves going to workout her mind, body & spirit with Miss Jenn! Everyone should experience her passion for a healthier life, its contagious!"

-Karen F. (Kids Summer Camp 2018)


I have been personal training with Jenn for the past year, and it is the most positive thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I had really fallen off of a regular exercise routine, and I kept telling myself I would “get back to the gym” but the reality is I don’t enjoy working out at the gym, and my schedule makes it a real challenge to get there. My biggest obstacle to working out is that I have a considerable amount of body pain on a regular basis, from old car accident injuries to chronic migraines. I would start an exercise routine and then some sort of body pain would take me out of it and I would lose momentum and get frustrated. Once I started training with Jenn, that became a non-issue because Jenn can train you through ANYTHING. I’ve been training with her once a week for the past year and I never skip a session. I’ve trained with her through a sprained hand, ribs that are out, migraines… she can always find different exercises to keep me going without getting hurt. My favorite part about training with Jenn is her amazing optimistic attitude and great energy! I always leave sessions with her feeling happy and inspired. I’ve recently completed her month long nutritional coaching program, and that too was life changing! Jenn’s program has you set goals and keeps you motivated to reach them. The nutritional program gave me a better awareness about food and hydration with creative ideas and recipes. Plus, she sends you positive affirmations during the week! I highly recommend Oxijen!!

-Katie T. | Age 36 | Client Since 2018


"At age 61 I decided to work with a personal trainer. I had never exercised before and I was pleasantly surprised with the program Jen developed. After one year of training my physical strength and stamina have improved to a level that allows me to better enjoy skiing, golf and hiking. Jen uses her BA in Corporate Fitness her knowledge of training and yoga to develop a plan to improve the quality of life. I encourage anyone to experience a training session with Jen. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish."

-Ken C. | Age 62 | Client since 2017